Creating iMPactful programs for our clients is at the heart of iMPact’s mission. We take pride in offering innovative and interactive program content tailored to the specific needs of your target audience.

We don’t do everything but what we do we do REALLY well. We focus on three areas:

  1. Innovative and Interactive Lunch and Learns that work across platforms (iPads, PC’s, androids)
  2. Practice Assessment Programs that establish care gaps
  3. Fun and Interactive Training and Development Programs

We are also the founders of SPIN (Slide Presenter with Intuitive Navigation). An app that can be used to show PAAB approved or accredited slide presentations that are editable and interactive. SPIN can incorporate audio, video, games, questions and case studies. It’s easy to use and can run on your iphone, tablet, smartphone as well as your laptop or desktop device.

We deliver on time (or ahead of time) and on budget and make it our business to proactively anticipate and offer solutions to any hurdles that may arise.

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iMPACT Consultants

Phone: (416) 768-5141 Email: mary@impactche.com